Ever since the doors opened at DogStar, art has been central to the experience of visiting the store. Some artists whose works have graced the walls of Dogstar include: Caster Kennard, Libby Kleine Modern, Rachel Blaser, Katherine Streeter, Jeff Geib, Matthew L. Clark, Peter Mollenkof, Ned Bustard, Fred Albright, Barbara Dombach, John Weaver, Mike Witmer and more.

The Gallery at DogStar, our new dedicated exhibit space, will receive its first guests on April 6th. Highly regarded Lancaster artist (sometime raconteur and wordsmith), Jeff Geib, is the curator of the new space. Jeff's studio mate, Mike Witmer, receives the honor of opening the new gallery with his show of new abstracts in oil, titled Large and Small Paintings. It consists of a group of larger abstract oil paintings which are, despite their impressive scale, unexpectedly delicate and lyrical. They are contrasted with some smaller abstractions which, despite their sizes, manage to generate a surprisingly bold and powerful impact.The resulting balance helps reveal the depth of Mike's work - unmistakable inspiration in classic Mid-century American abstraction manifested by a masterful and personal layering and gesture. The two bodies of work combine to embody a broad spectrum from subtle nuance to audacious bravura.